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Breaking Up With Your iPhone: Time for a Digital Detox?

‘Nomophobia’ AKA phone addiction is becoming such a big thing that people are going to rehab for it (and no, not just in America..), It’s 2016 and people being addicted to their phones is becoming more and more commonplace. You’re probably Whatsapping your best friend right now whilst you’re sitting next to them, aren’t you? 

So wait, are we actually ‘addicted’?! How?

Believe it or not, it’s not just because we rely on them and use them for everything, there are nifty chemical reasons behind it too.

We won’t go too sciencey, but serotonin and dopamine ("feel good chemicals”) are released in our brains during times of pleasure (yes we know you are thinking you dirty buggers) and often when we use our phones. With the internet, social media and Whatsapping/texting, you now have almost instant gratification literally in the palm of your hand.


You know how it’s practically impossible to have only one cookie when the pack is in front of you? Well it’s similar with our phones. Once you start, it’s harder to stop. Why get 11 likes when you could get 50? Every time that extra like comes in, more instant gratification! For all you science nerds, there’s much more info on this here

To see how addicted you really are, download the app ‘Checky’ which can easily tell you how many times you have checked your phone in a day. Prepare to be shocked.
So should you break up with your mobile? That’s up to you, but in the wise words of Rihanna, put those phones down and make sure you experience those memories not through a lens, but whilst they’re actually happening.

And no, falling in love with an OS is not acceptable or cool, even if they sounds like Scarlett Johannsen. Put that phone down and go and get some fresh air. Stat.

Disclaimer: We wouldn’t be a very good tech company if we didn’t tell you to that it is however 100% OK to pick up your phone to book your awesome evenings out with KLEEK though. When you next fancy a night out on the razz, we promise that that is indeed acceptable.