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Bottle Popping - Uncorking The Myths

‘Bottlepopping’ (or if you are really feelin’ it, drop the ‘g’): choose your club, call a promoter, get a table, burn a bit of cash, wave lots of sparklers in the air and dance the night away? 

Sure you can do that and no doubt that is certainly what this increasingly common phrase is associated with. However, times are changing- forget the ‘rich kids of Instagram’ and those instafamous dudes with 12 bottles of luminous Dom. Getting a table and a bottle can actually be far more *economical* and fun than constantly bumping uglies with everyone on the dancefloor. Don’t believe us? Let’s do some (we promise very brief) maths. 

‘No way Jose, i’d rather pay at the door’: 

Roll up to the club
Busy night? Awesome! Oh wait look at that queue though.. will I even get in?
That was lucky! But £20 entrance fee average
3 vodka somethings = £45
2 shots of ‘cheaper’ tequila = circa £30 

Bye Bye £95.

Let’s get a decent group of us, and make this magic happen!!?

6 of you and your chums
No entrance fee (cool- thanks KLEEK!)
Wait, no queuing either and a host to guide us straight to our table? KLEEK you are just the best!
Bottle of Dom Perignon ‘04 split between 6 of us? £65 (approx) each
Might as well throw in some Crackbabies for good measure? 8 of those bad boys for £11 each

A less painful and (probably) more sophisticated evening at £76.


Ok sure, we are aware that we are biased. And maybe you don’t want champagne, maybe you’d rather get a heftier magnum of grey goose for a a very similar price to the champagne? That’s fine and of course, easily sorted for you.

Our message is simple: KLEEK are revolutionising going out and the way you pay. We believe you deserve the best treatment your money can buy and we promise to give it to you. Want to know more? Talk to our concierge. Don’t believe us? Experience it for yourself, as we are changing the game and want you to be a part of it.

Already thinking about the weekend? You now know what to do. 

Use referal code UPGRADE for £50 drinks credit on your next booking!