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Ibiza Virgins: A Quick-Fire Beginners Guide

You want to go to Ibiza this summer, but you’re wondering when to go, where to stay and who to see? Either your friends all want to go or you’ve watched Kevin & Perry Go Large and decided that it’s finally time to book that trip to The White Isle. Ibiza is ever so popular because of its jaw-dropping scenery, fantastic quality cuisine and of course, the hedonistic parties. There’s a lot to do on this small island, so we are going to try our best to give you quick-fire low-down to help first-timers to the spectacular island of Ibiza.

Ay Carumba - where to stay!?

Your first decision is whether you want to book a hotel, apartment or villa. You can either arrange your booking and trip through a private concierge, or find it online yourself. Airbnb are pretty wide ranging with their choices and in terms of areas, let our Ibiza island geography help you decide..

Ibiza Island - A Quick Geography Lesson

There are 3 main clubbing resorts in Ibiza: firstly Playa d’en Bossa, on the east side of the Island. Next there is San Antonio on the west coast and Ibiza Town. 
San Antonio is famed for its lively bars and of course- that sunset strip. Clubs such as Es Paradis and Ibiza Rocks Hotel are also here and many of the boat parties depart from this part of the Island.
More classic by nature, Ibiza town is very beautiful and of course, home to the world-famous Pacha. Expect small boutiques, cafes and restaurants and of course the beautiful Ibiza Old Town with its windy, cobbled streets. This area has something that everyone will love, but less people tend to actually stay here. 
Less town and more beach vibes, Playa d’en Bossa is quite the happening place and a great shout if you fancy proximity to the water as a priority. Within vogue beach bars popping up left right and centre, you will unlikely be bored around here. 
Lastly there are also many beautiful towns and villas situated in the Ibizan hills. If you have time, try to stop off in one for an authentic Sangria. 

When to go to Ibiza? 

A crucial question, but don’t worry, we have an insiders perspective for the full low down on Ibizan weather and when is the best month to party in Ibiza. Read me.
But in sum: 
May - Check that the parties you want are on.
June- Yes!
July- Yes, but prepare to melt a little.
August- Avoid if you can, super expensive and very hot.
September or early October- quieter and less tourists, try and make a closing party!

Quick Fire Club Guide

There are lots of clubs in Ibiza, so which should you pick?
Amnesia - Located very close to San Rafael, nearly in the middle of the island. Kevin & Perry Go Large was filmed here. One of the big guns. 
DC10 - Perched near the airport, DC10 is best known for electro underground parties that literally never end.
Es Paradis - San Antonia bound. Famous for their water parties.
Eden - Also San Antonio, but on the waterfront. Undergone big renovation and managerial changes of late, one to keep a look out for.
Ibiza Rocks Hotel - A hotel and a club, how convenient! Also in San Antonio.
Pacha - Located near the marina in Ibiza Town. Super, super, super famous.
Privilege - Middle of the island. Absolutely massive. Really, REALLY big. 
Sankeys - The offshoot of Sankeys Manchester, Playa d’en Bossa. 
Space- Also Playa d’en Bossa, right opposite Ushuaia.
Ushuaia - As above, very cool outdoor parties and hotel.

But I thought there were day parties too..?

Correct, Ibiza is literally the island that never sleeps. We personally recommend the beautiful Ushuaia, Blue Marlin, BEACHOUSE and Nikki Beach. Picture white day beds, lots of beautiful people and of course, even more rosé. You can read all about our favourite selection in detail here.

What kind of holiday do I want?

Yes, Ibiza is about the parties, but it’s also about barbecues, culture, sunsets and enjoying the beautiful weather. Make sure your group have it in mind what kind of holiday they’re after, or agree that you are all good to go off and do your own thing.

Who should I see?!

Well we can’t tell you your music taste but we can tell you where to look. We are personally big fans of Ibiza Spotlight ——-> make this hyperlink
What you do need to know is that some DJs play every week in the same clubs and have residencies, whereas others perform just for special nights. We recommend considering this before you even sit down to book your flights if the music means a lot to you. 

Where should I eat?

Ibiza is renowned for its superb quality, but for those kebab lovers among you, it is equally possible to source these too. Although practically impossible to pick, Ibiza literally has something for everyone. Whether you fancy a casual pizza in Ibiza town or a full-blown tasting menu, both are easy to find.  
Two of our absolute favourites include Bambuddha (, where watchful Buddhas in some rather sexually compromising positions gaze over you during your meal..
..and Lio in Ibiza town,  where it is just as much about the show as it is about the food. 
We highly recommend calling ahead and making reservations. 

Other useful tips?

Walking along and drinking on the street is illegal.
The DJs won’t come on until super late for the evening shows. Plan your evening accordingly.
…for example, don’t do dinner at 6. When in Spain - do as the Spanish do. Siesta and eat at around 9/10pm.
Buy your tickets in advance, or prepare to be scammed. 
Avoid Ibiza in August if you can, it is the most crowded and expensive time to go. 
Do your research before you go so you don’t waste time on your actual trip doing it.

See you on the inside

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