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Prince Harry's Favourite London Clubs

Forever the naughty Prince, Harry has stolen the hearts or women all around the world due to his charismatic, charming and most of all cheeky attitude to being one of the most famous members of the British Royal Family. Making ginger the hottest hair colour of them all, let KLEEK give you the low-down on the best London clubs to find this naughty Prince, alongside a few fun Harry facts. 
Prince Harry Fact Number 1: During his Australian gap year, Prince Harry worked at a Queensland ranching station as a jackaroo.

The Box, Soho

Everyone needs to let really let loose once in a while and The Box is the perfect place to do that. Attracting a whole host of famous faces, if you don’t bump into Harry then you’re likely to find another celebrity lurking in one of The Box’s many dark corners. Expect tantalising late night shows, some of London’s most beautiful and eccentric people and quality drinks to match. Beware of just turning up and expecting to get in, for this exclusive venue you usually need a table or to know someone on the door… 
Prince Harry Fact Number 2: Harry is frequently nicknamed Spike by his friends.

Mahiki, Green Park

Tropical, tiki-themed Mahiki is another favourite among celebrities and Harry alike. Undoubtedly one of his most famous Mahiki shenanigans took place in 2007, when Prince Harry famously licked one of the tables in the club clean after spilling a 50 pound cocktail! Mahiki is a pop-fun paradise and open practically every night of the week and we suggest you dress smart, get down quite early and try your luck with their guest list or grab yourselves a table.
Prince Harry Fact Number 3: Prince Harry fervently dislikes Twitter!

The Cuckoo Club, Mayfair

Catering to a more varied mix of music lovers, The Cuckoo Club is one of London’s longest standing members clubs and has an army of devoted fans, including Prince Harry himself. Dance the night away with some of central London and Mayfair’s finest and don’t forget to check out the magical Cuckoo garden whilst you are there.
Prince Harry Fact Number 4: Prince Harry was a supporter, rather than best man at William’s wedding to Kate; Royal Weddings do not tend to have a best man.

To gain entry to any of Prince Harry’s favourite London clubs, you can book via KLEEK. 

See You On The Inside

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