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The European Destination To Visit This April: Luxembourg

If there was ever a confused city, this is it. Not quite sure if it is French, Belgian or German, go to Luxembourg to essentially hit up 4 countries in one go. Lux is a wonderful fairytale city that seems to be a mini Europe, all rolled into one. Walk around and take in the architectural influences of all those different countries, whilst getting lost in a time where castles and fair maidens were the norm.

This time of year is perfect for the Spring transitional city breaks, as come May your mind is only going to be heading straight for the beach. With highs around 16 degrees and sun projected, this April is set to be a beautiful, if slightly chilly one. We suspect it's definitely time for your next mini break anyway..

Did you also know that Luxembourg has the world’s most dense cluster of Michelin starred restaurants? KLEEK recommends 2* Mosconi. Expect excellent service, a very sophisticated setting, seafood and fair prices for such superb quality food. 


Another fantastic reason to go to this beautiful city is because not everyone does. Italy, yes got the postcard; France, sure; Crotatia, of course. You get our point. There's more to this city than lax taxation and as there’s not too many sights to see, a weekend or long weekend there feels like just enough time- a rare feeling on a holiday.  

On that note, we recommend staying at La Place d’Armes Hotel, a cute and quirky little hotel right in the heart of the old town. Stroll out of reception and straight onto one of the squares for your morning cappuccino and croissant. 

Oui? OUI. Booking!