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Your Summer 2016: The Sports People Love to Hate

Spring is slowly starting to show face (*about bloody time*) and that Saturday is fast approaching where you have been put in charge of organising a fun activity day for everyone. Something involving exercise (which does  by the way count as lifting one’s hand to their lips) and a profound sense of nationalism is a good a day out as any.
Whether or not some of these should even be considered as ‘sports’ is certainly questionable, but they shall make for an excellent day out, and an even better social media announcement.

The trick with polo is to realise that no one has a clue how to actually play polo. You don’t go to watch it, no no; you actually go to neck many glasses of champagne and wear rather cool hats. Once you have had a few, see how many times you can say equestrian really fast sansslurring
Well, if it’s good enough for the Royals, it’s most certainly good enough pour vous.
Tip: Check out Polo in the Park (5th-7th June) for some excellent people watching in the lovely, leafy Hurlingham.
Fact: Polo is still considered a very popular sport in Australia, Argentina and New Zealand.


Just as much, if not more elite than polo, rowing however is a sport that we have noticed people do tend to watch. Certainly a spring/summer activity for the watchers, although not so much for the rowers who still have to freeze their little socks off practising on the Thames at all times of the year.  
Tip: The next Oxbridge boat race will be held on Sunday March 27th, so get your (drinking) crew at the ready. 
Fact: Henley Royal Regatta was first established in 1839 and is always held over the first 5 days of July. 
Don’t your spring/summer plans sound oar-some already!? 

Ah, a sport you will likely not just be spectating in. Quintessentially British and believe it or not, a rather fun game which is a lovely addition to a weekend in the countryside. A sport that requires minimal effort, maximum Pimms and a large lawn; we had to include it in our list. Essentially hitting coloured balls through hoops to get to a stick in the middle of a field, watch with amusement as people consistently botch getting through and get rather miffed about it. Let the games begin!
Tip: Have someone who knows the rules properly explain at the beginning and play in teams of 2. Otherwise you’ll be waving to Percy from across the field contemplating how lonely you feel.
Fact: In 2008, P Diddy held a croquet party to celebrate being the 1st rapper to be given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Heliskiing Arlberg, Wucher

The ultimate ‘status symbol’ of all sports, imagine announcing “oh yes guys, booked us all in for some heli this Sat when we’re in Courcehvel”. Can’t imagine it? Honestly neither can we… 
Just make sure you bring your erm, powder legs?
Tip: Don’t die
Fact: Of course, it originated in Canada.

Other sports such as horse-riding and golf were fondly thought of, but we suspected you knew a little more about and thus, were not included. These can still be great activities. 
Love them or hate them, they’re going to make your spring and summer calendars all the more excellent. And till then, there’s still time for one last little ski trip yes?